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Wastrel Britishers of Jamaican extraction

These feckless people have had it easy, writes Dalrymple.

Doors were open to them, but they steadfastly refused to walk through them.

Instead they took to the life of what they conceived to be the immemorial Jamaican culture:

  • the getting of bastards
  • the smoking of cannabis
  • the collecting of social security
  • the wearing of gold chains
  • the driving at high speed with music thumping
  • the refusal of work

The thrill of the illicit

screen-shot-2017-01-28-at-21-45-40That cannabinoids should, writes Dalrymple,

be treated as ordinary medications has always seemed to me reasonable. If they relieve unpleasant symptoms, it would be wrong to withhold them.

He notes that of course,

when given as medicine, the fun is rather taken out of them: there is no longer any thrill of the illicit.

A doctor writes

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 08.40.38

Dalrymple is available to answer any questions you may have about corpulence, intemperance, liverishness, lunacy, narcosis, senility, hemp, alimentation, misopædia, inoculation, etc., etc.

The Dalrympian law of conservation of prohibition

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 23.56.43The law of conservation of prohibition, or Dalrymple’s theorem, states that if one substance is permitted after having been prohibited, another will be prohibited after having been permitted. Thus ineluctably,

just as a more permissive attitude to cannabis gains momentum, so does a more restrictive attitude to tobacco.

The uses of intoxicants

An evidently stupefied Aldous Huxley in early 1938

An evidently LSD-stupefied Aldous Huxley in early 1938

Admirably level-headed on this as on so many other matters, Dalrymple writes that it seems cannabis

can relieve nausea (one of the most unpleasant of all symptoms when it is persistent) and some kinds of pain. Its side effects in this context are unlikely to be serious or severe.

This is undeniable. However, we should not go further than this. The claims that are sometimes made, by for example Aldous Huxley, that such intoxicants (Huxley’s own favourite was LSD) can transport us to higher regions of consciousness and deepen our awareness are just a little foolish. To smoke marihuana in moderation is nothing more than a civilised pleasure, as is consuming the better beers or decent gin. It will not cause us to levitate, attain enlightenment or touch God.