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Western moral and intellectual imperialism

Dalrymple draws attention to a cartoon (pictured below) by Bill Leak in the Australian newspaper, a satirical comment on the deliberations of the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. Leak rightly implies, says Dalrymple, that

climate change is principally the concern of the spoiled political class of rich nations, and efforts to reduce worldwide carbon emissions from energy consumption will not benefit the desperately poor. Quite the reverse: they will inhibit the breakneck industrial growth that has lifted, and is lifting, so many millions out of abject poverty in countries that not long ago were deeply impoverished.

There is even the suspicion

that rich nations want to inhibit the breakneck industrial growth not so much to save the planet as to preserve their position relative to poor nations.

The cartoon is

a variation on the old English proverb that fine words butter no parsnips; but it could also plausibly be interpreted as a protest against dishonest Western moral and intellectual imperialism.

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Take your Trabant on an unnecessary journey!

Drive cars with inefficient engines!

Socialist duty: drive cars with inefficient engines!

Save a life, increase your carbon emissions!

What is needed to save more than five million lives is global warming, though this will, as Dalrymple points out,

be dismissed as superficial, because global warming increases the violence of deviations from average, desirable or optimal ambient temperatures.

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