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Prolefeed from the British state broadcaster

screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-23-06-35Publicly funded frivolity

Dalrymple notes that the BBC is

dedicated to reducing the IQ of the population and reducing its attention span. Its content is a distasteful mix of sport, the sexual antics of politicians, and gossip about celebrities who have achieved nothing.

Dead-tree legacy media

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 10.40.17

The Paris newspaper Libération: aimed at ageing bourgeois bohemians of left-wing persuasion, many of them with ponytails

Dalrymple knows no young person who reads a newspaper. And those few newspapers which survive, thanks to (rapidly dwindling) sales to older readers,

more and more resemble magazines.

He notes that with modern technology, newspapers

can hardly any longer be the first to break news.

As their circulations slump and journalists are sacked in large numbers, newspapers

cannot do much investigative journalism, either.

All that is left to newspapers, Dalrymple points out, is

  • gossip about celebrities
  • explanations of the obvious
  • speculation about the future based on what has happened in the recent past
  • drivel about sport
  • articles catering to modern man’s fathomless narcissism