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Age of the puritanical libertines

These chauvinists, who uphold cottaging, for instance, as one of the highest goods and an absolutely fundamental and basic human right,

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Britain’s most celebrated cottaging expert (left). He was to discontinue his practices, which were in any case thoroughly hushed up

want to send to Coventry all those who think that the removal of restraints on conduct is not necessarily a good thing. It brands them ipso facto bigots (as, of course, some but not all of them will be), and is prepared to punish them, so far as is possible, for holding the wrong opinions. Thus are created what one might call microclimates of totalitarianism in which people live in fear: fear of losing their jobs, fear of social ostracism for having said or even thought the wrong thing.

The problem lies

in the human heart — in its lust for power and thirst for domination, in its pride in its own goodness.


is a habit of the heart that is acquired by self-restraint and not merely through a set of political arrangements. If we are not tolerant of those with whom we disagree, we are not tolerant.