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How the English rear their young

British children, writes Dalrymple,

are regularly found to be the most miserable in Europe. This is because a large proportion of parents fear or hate their children, and by the time they have finished bringing them up are right to do so: which does not, of course, absolve them of their responsibility.

The preferred English method of child-rearing is

neglect by indulgence, with or without a little violence and emotional abuse thrown in. By the end of childhood, a British child is considerably more likely to have a television in its room than a father living at home.

Children in Britain have a more difficult and less attractive existence than children in any comparable European country

Early promise

Early promise

The British, writes Dalrymple, are

more afraid of their children than any other people.

The child-rearing method of the British is

neglect tempered by overindulgence, with outbursts of exasperation. Never have I seen elsewhere such public shrieking at children by maternal Termagants as in Britain.