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Triumph of the careerist dimwits

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 08.55.53The ambitious but ungifted advance relentlessly

Dalrymple attends a conference about some forthcoming changes to the NHS. One of the lectures is given by

a lady apparatchik whose grimacing attempts at smiles, and whose bodily writhing as she tortured the English language with neologisms, acronyms and platitudes in the service of evident untruth, made Gordon Brown’s bonhomie seem like a model of spontaneity.

At one point there is

a single guffaw of contemptuous laughter. It was an illuminating moment, a flash of lightning in a moonless night-time landscape. For a moment I felt almost sorry for the speaker: you could see the panic on her face, a fear lest 150 doctors turn on her and demand explanations in comprehensible language.


doctors are far too well brought up and chivalrous. Or is it pusillanimous?