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Chronic fatigue syndrome

What happened when Dalrymple wrote about myalgic encephalomyelitis

Dalrymple explains (from 13:53) that in the condition — or pattern of behaviour — of chronic fatigue syndrome, people suffer

prolonged exhaustion not much relieved by rest and worsened by physical effort.

CFS can last, Dalrymple points out,

for years and indeed for lifetimes, at least where there is a system of social security.

There is dispute over whether the syndrome is of physical or of socio-psychological origin. The people who have CFS

almost always prefer the physical explanation, and their pressure groups have almost succeeded in silencing anyone who argues differently.

Dalrymple once wrote an article on the subject that

admittedly was not emollient in tone.

It ventured to support the psychological or social origin of CFS. The doctor-writer immediately found himself

the object of persecutory telephone calls at all hours, and even attempts to have me sacked from the hospital in which I was working.

The campaign against Dalrymple was highly vigorous, forceful, lively and energetic. For instance, no other Dalrymple article has ever been brought to the attention of a government minister,

but this one was, by people who are normally very tired.