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No garment is so ridiculous that it has not been designed by some modern couturier

screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-23-21-13London Fashion Week, writes Dalrymple, consists of seven days of designers whose only talent is self-promotion

parading their inelegant, unwearable and absurdly expensive rags, worn by a group of pale, half-starved and miserable models, to an audience of uncritical sycophants who possess neither taste nor insight.

He observes how strange it is that

there is so much interest in fashion, yet rarely do you see anyone in the street who is tolerably neatly turned out, let alone elegantly dressed.



The corpulence of the English

An English rose

An English rose

Arriving in his home country by air recently, Dalrymple is struck by how fat and poorly accoutred the British are.

Not just pleasantly plump, but enormously obese, so that their adiposity seemed almost to suffocate them and made locomotion laborious….they were all very badly dressed, showing themselves to maximum disadvantage. It is possible…for fat women to dress with dignity, but those at the airport had all squeezed themselves into the tightest and scantiest clothes.