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The past — get me out of here!

Behind every great man-made work of beauty lies some ugliness

The ages in which the greatest works of Man were created were characterised, writes Dalrymple, by

  • dirt
  • misery
  • smells
  • disease
  • vermin

Anybody transported back to those ages would at once seek asylum

in our hygienic and deodorised world without artistic grandeur. For modern man, comfort is the highest good, and perhaps it always would have been had it been a possibility.

NIDA now believes its propaganda

Example of propaganda put out by the National Institute for Drug Abuse

Example of propaganda put out by the National Institute for Drug Abuse

It has long been pretended by the National Institute for Drug Abuse, writes Dalrymple,

that addiction is a chronic relapsing disease in exactly the same way as, say, rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic relapsing disease.

The pretence started

as a tactic to winkle money out of Congress, but as persistent liars often come to believe their lies, so the NIDA has come to believe its propaganda.

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The sort of claims made by the National Institute for Drug Abuse

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Shameful, degrading, awful, appalling

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 09.28.06The unnameable

Dalrymple writes that on one of the wards in which he worked as a young doctor, there was

a strange ritual. Before the chief did his rounds, the medical notes of all the patients would be put out on their bed tables, ready for him to consult – except those of the patients with cancer. They were not the only patients on the ward with potentially fatal conditions, of course; but cancer was regarded as a disease so awful, with an outcome inevitably so degrading, that it shamed the patient and doctor alike, and therefore could not be named or referred to. Cancer was held in a peculiar kind of appalled awe.