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A not altogether despicable garment

The point Dalrymple is making can be readily appreciated after a visit to any town centre in England after nightfall on weekends

No one, writes Dalrymple,

who has been to the centre of Newcastle on a Saturday night can fail to appreciate certain advantages to the burqa.

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White-puddingy thighs exposed to the freezing winds of two or three in the morning

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Alcohol-induced amnesia: evidence that one must have had a good time

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Vomiting consequent upon severe inebriation is viewed by young Britons as psychotherapeutically beneficial

Vomiting consequent upon severe inebriation viewed as psychotherapeutically beneficial

British youth culture: vomiting is self-expression

British youth culture: vomiting as self-expression

The English then and now

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 09.00.33Once, writes Dalrymple, the qualities of the English population included

  • cool and ironic detachment from its own experience, that permitted it to face adversity with great good humour and modesty rather than by resort to histrionics
  • a polite restraint that was a precondition of depth of character. This restraint seemed to me heroic in an undemonstrative way; it was also the guarantor of an implicit subtlety

Today the chief characteristics of the English, Dalrymple points out, are

  • militant vulgarity
  • lack of restraint
  • arrogant loudness
  • ferocious and determined drunkenness
  • antisocial egotism
  • aggression and quick resort to violence
  • grossness of appetites
  • prideful ugliness of appearance
  • lack of finesse in any department of human existence