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On the myopia of the learned

Intellectuals, writes Dalrymple, often

fail to see what is before their noses.

Their object

is to obscure the obvious and to make complex the simple, so that they are then needed to lead humanity away from its ignorance and stupidity.

With the inexorable rise of tertiary education, we have more intellectuals than ever before,

yet final enlightenment seems as elusive as ever. Man remains a problem-creating animal.

Full-bearded enlightenment

Wisdom resides in beards

Dalrymple is transfixed by the beard of Robert Sapolsky. He writes:

A man with a beard such as this must be very wise, a bit like Tolstoy or Darwin or Ruskin or Khomeini or Castro.

The Santa Claus of neuroscience: Robert Sapolsky

How enlightened we are!

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 09.06.13The eternal truths of multiculturalism

The policy of multiculturalism and mass immigration is one of

admitting large numbers of people, a proportion of whom at least may be, or become, the bearers of a deeply hostile and dangerous ideology.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 09.07.06What drives this policy is not

national interest, but moral vanity, exhibitionism, grandiosity and hubris. Aren’t we good people!

Moral exhibitionism

The fact of the 2011 Norway attacks does not mean that the policy of multiculturalism and mass immigration

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 09.10.30is wise, prudent or even moral. Events in Europe and elsewhere do not ineluctably lead to the conclusion that, for example, Sweden’s determination to take in more refugees from Syria is in that country’s long-term interest, or even conduces to the peace of the world.

Vote bank

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 09.14.08The 69 young people on the island of Utøya whom Anders Breivik killed

might well have been the future leaders of the party most militantly attached to multiculturalism, for among other reasons as a vote bank.

Multiculturalists triumphant

Breivik’s action made

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 09.17.58discussion of the whole question difficult to the point of impossibility. If you do not subscribe to the eternal truths of multiculturalism — discovered, it must be confessed, rather late in human history — you must be an apologist for Breivik.

It is a false dichotomy,

false in logic, though not necessarily in political psychology, and it is the latter which counts. What Breivik did, who preposterously believed himself to be some kind of Knight Templar, was immensely to strengthen the multiculturalists.

The condescension of a later age towards an earlier

Wisdom Conquers Ignorance, Bartholomeus Spranger and Aegidius Sadeler, unknown date. Elisha Whittelsey Collection

Wisdom Conquers Ignorance, Bartholomeus Spranger and Aegidius Sadeler, unknown date. Elisha Whittelsey Collection

This we must avoid, writes Dalrymple. We should also resist

the mockery that comes so easily to the lips or pens of those who take their current state of enlightenment, attributed by them to their own personal cleverness, as the acme of wisdom.

Even the most learned of us

yet knows nothing by comparison with all that might be known and by comparison with the great ocean of truth that forever lies all undiscovered before us.