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The purpose of Macron’s unified European army

Emmanuel Macron has admitted, Dalrymple notes, that if a referendum had been held in France, there would have been a larger majority than in Britain for leaving the European Union,

though this has not dampened in the slightest his ardour for ‘deeper’ union.

Perhaps, says Dalrymple, we should wait for the EU

to blow itself apart.

On the other hand, he says,

the political determination to keep it together, whatever populations think, is considerable and should not be underestimated. Macron’s unified European army is not to defend Europe from outside invasion, but to repress the population should it ever revolt against the EU élite.

Why Dalrymple voted for Brexit

Dalrymple spends part of every year in his house in Shropshire

Despite the fact that the European Union is far from being the cause of all the country’s problems, the outcome of the 2016 UK EU membership referendum steers Britain away from a potential monster, Dalrymple tells an interviewer.

Although no sensible person would liken it to the Third Reich or the Soviet Union, the EU nevertheless bears the seeds of an unfree state. It wants to force different peoples together in an artificial union. Dalrymple notes that Belgium is such a union: it holds together, more or less, but to do such a thing on a larger scale is to court major problems.

And the argument that the EU is the only way for Europe to play a role on the world stage can be swept aside. The EU has shown only weakness.

The European project, says Dalrymple, is little but misplaced megalomania.


Erdoğan is right to accuse the EU of insincerity

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 17.57.44The people who run the EU, writes Dalrymple,

cannot make up their minds which is more important to them: their desire to expand their empire and bring Turkey into their orbit, or their fear of a still-Moslem country that would be the largest in landmass and demographically in Europe.

What Brussels would really like

is to bring the secular, Westernised part of the population into Europe while leaving the ignorant Moslem peasantry where it is.

Rather convenient

How convenient

This is not possible,

hence the endless negotiations that never seem to lead anywhere. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s threat to reintroduce the death penalty therefore comes as a godsend, a pretext on which to end the negotiations on an apparent matter of principle. We in Europe can put up with anything except the death penalty.