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Liberal supranationalism is dangerously dictatorial

Dalrymple notes that José Manuel Barroso, while head of the European Commission, on one occasion

let fall the true nature of the European Union. It was, he said, an empire, albeit an empire of an entirely new type. He said that for the first time in history nations had agreed to pool their sovereignty.

To what end, Barroso did not say.

Elaborated bilge, which no amount of mathematics can dispel

According to the New Scientist magazine, two of the signs of the collapse of civilisation are the election of Donald Trump and the vote on Brexit. Thus, writes Dalrymple, one of the things that stands between us and the collapse of civilisation ‘is the European Parliament and the European Commission. I thought I was pessimistic, but this takes pessimism to a stage well beyond even mine. If one of the only things standing between us and the new Dark Ages is the European Commission, then all I can say is that those new Dark Ages will be very dark indeed.’