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Keep your child away from McDonald’s canteens

A Canadian man is suing McDonald’s for promoting Happy Meals, saying the company is in breach of certain laws banning most advertising to children under 13.

Dalrymple comments:

I deplore McDonald’s disgusting products and despise the childish and garish décor of their canteens. They detract from the quality of our civilisation.


the man did not have to take his children to any of the chain’s establishments, and there has been a strange and sinister reversal of authority if it is claimed that parents cannot resist their children’s pressure to go where they desire to be taken. The fact that children are so strongly attracted to somewhere in such appallingly bad taste as a McDonald’s canteen is one of the strongest reasons for not taking them to one. How are they to develop the habits of discrimination if their immediate desires are to be fulfilled at every turn? How are they to be taught to eat in an adult and civilised way?

It is, Dalrymple avers,

the bounden duty of a parent to deny his child the cheap plastic rubbish on offer in McDonald’s canteens.

Rather than being allowed to sue the company, the man

should be in the dock for corrupting his children through his cowardice, weakness, and inability to say no to them.