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Dalrymple’s nurse-poisoner book plan spurned

Victorino Chua: jailed for a minimum of 35 years for murdering and poisoning patients at Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport. Two victims suffered agonising deaths and a third was left brain-damaged

Victorino Chua: jailed for a minimum of 35 years for poisoning patients at Stockport’s Stepping Hill Hospital. Two patients suffered agonising deaths while a third was left brain-damaged

Dalrymple, author of So Little Done: The Testament of a Serial Killer (1995), suggests to a number of publishers that he write a book about the trial of Victorino Chua, the poisoner, but

no publisher accepted my kind offer, despite the fact that I had experience of murder trials and understood the complex pharmacological matters at issue.

The main reason given for refusal

was that the accused was a Filipino rather than a son of the soil and therefore there would be no market for such a book.

Does it mean

that the British public is interested only in native and not imported wickedness? That we expect Filipinos to behave in this fashion and therefore there is nothing surprising or interesting about Chua’s behaviour? Or is it that murder trials are interesting only if there is the prospect of the rope at the end of them?

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Why do healthcare killers do it?

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 23.10.17Dalrymple leafs through Katherine Ramsland’s Inside the Minds of Healthcare Serial Killers (2007). The book turned out to be

mainly a descriptive compendium of cases, but as for explanation, I found it not.

Dalrymple asks:

Is serial killing by healthcare staff a single phenomenon, susceptible to a single explanation, when some do it for gain, others for thrills, yet others for sexual gratification, some for fame or notoriety, and some for no discernible reason at all?

He does not think so.

Explanation is a holy grail: no matter how long sought it is never found. We shall never explain human behaviour; we shall never cease trying to explain it.