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No skills — and fuckin’ proud of it!

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Skills? Piss off!

Britain, writes Dalrymple, is the only country where

there are substantial numbers of people who are not only unskilled, but…antiskilled….They not only…possess [no] qualities that make them desirable as employees, they possess qualities that make them undesirable….They are uncompromising in their refusal to…improve themselves. Such aspirations as they have lead them to daydream rather than to ambition and, persuaded of the equality of everything by the doctrine of multiculturalism, they are…unreflective about their way of life, which is that of distraction…any interruption of which is felt as an unwarranted and even unjust intrusion upon the real business of life.

The antiskilled

lack even such simple attainments as the ability to answer the telephone….They do not know how to address strangers with reasonable grace and would feel any attempt to teach them as an assault on their personal identity….Practically all hotel receptionists have to be foreigners, even in areas where unemployment is exceptionally high — foreigners are more mannerly and speak better English than the millions of indigenous people who theoretically could fill the posts.