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Liberal supranationalism is dangerously dictatorial

Dalrymple notes that José Manuel Barroso, while head of the European Commission, on one occasion

let fall the true nature of the European Union. It was, he said, an empire, albeit an empire of an entirely new type. He said that for the first time in history nations had agreed to pool their sovereignty.

To what end, Barroso did not say.

The US imperialists: a reckoning

Yankee go home!

Arriving in Uyuni, Potosí, Dalrymple heads for the cinema, where he enjoys a viewing of The Giant Spider Invasion (Bill Rebane 1975), in which arachnids from outer space occupy Merrill, Wisconsin, after a meteorite falls in the area. He writes:

The whole town turned out to cheer the spiders on to victory against the American middle class.