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Decay of the USA

A statue of Christopher Columbus in the centre of Los Angeles has been covered up, and a fence put around it. Columbus Day has been suppressed and the authorities of the city — which is bankrupt and has the largest population of homeless people and the worst traffic in the USA, and a frighteningly high rate of murder, rape, gang violence and other serious crime — focuses all its energies on recognition and celebration of ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day’. Dalrymple comments (from 01:14):

It’s rather odd. Here we have criticism of someone who lived 500 years ago.

He notes that it is one of a number of putrid present-day cheap

moral enthusiasms.

There is

a kind of retrospective condemnation of people — without any examination of our current conduct. It’s all part of a syndrome in which to be good is to have the right opinions, it isn’t necessarily to behave well.