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Wastrel Britishers of Jamaican extraction

These feckless people have had it easy, writes Dalrymple.

Doors were open to them, but they steadfastly refused to walk through them.

Instead they took to the life of what they conceived to be the immemorial Jamaican culture:

  • the getting of bastards
  • the smoking of cannabis
  • the collecting of social security
  • the wearing of gold chains
  • the driving at high speed with music thumping
  • the refusal of work

The bang-bang-you’re-dead culture of Jamaica

It is very dangerous, writes Dalrymple — and it is spreading in England.

Predators of the slums

Ludicrously self-satisfied, macho, lupine-gaited, gold-chained-and-front-toothed

They have, writes Dalrymple,

the bodies of giants and the minds of peas.

The great transformation

He points out that it is not England that has changed people of Jamaican origin, but

a certain kind of modernity. The changes they have embraced are not very dissimilar to those that the native English have undergone, and that make the modern English so deeply unattractive.

One powerful influence is

so-called popular culture, which is to real culture what McDonald’s is to real cookery.

England, corrupting England

Britain’s baneful effect on the Jamaican spirit

What has England done to them that they should turn out thus?

Dalrymple writes that whenever he has a patient who belongs to the first generation of Jamaican immigrants,

I cannot help but ask myself what England has done to the Jamaicans.

How, he wonders,

has such a charming and humorous community been turned into the sullen, resentful people that so many of their children (or grandchildren) seem to be today?

The males, in particular, are

possessed of an arrogant sense of radical entitlement that renders them almost extraterritorial both to the laws of the land and the laws of good manners.