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Madness and malevolence on the internet

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 01.57.36James Lasdun, a novelist and poet, became the victim, Dalrymple writes, of calumnies and of

e-mails to his employers accusing him of things that were both inherently unlikely and difficult to disprove. Lasdun stood accused of ‘crimes’ which always besmirch in the modern world: racism, sexism, harassment, etc.

Give Me Everything You Have, Lasdun’s memoir, describes, says Dalrymple

a modern vice as well as an ancient virtue, or at least a modern way of putting a vice into action: persecution by internet being a dark side of the information age. Each of us is but the press of the send button away from vicious denunciation, character assassination and the destruction of our reputation.