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Failure and feeble-mindedness of the Left

screen-shot-2017-02-28-at-22-57-00Dalrymple writes that whenever the Left see

a foreign enemy of their own country whom they can usefully co-opt as an ally in their disputes with their own domestic enemies, they resort to nihilistic relativism and multiculturalism, thus explaining away the vileness of their new ally’s atrocities as being the expression of his sacrosanct cultural tradition.

The Left

has comprehensively lost the economic argument that was once its raison d’être, and is reduced to the work of cultural destruction and the balkanisation of society into little communities of ideological monomaniacs—the feminists, homosexual and animal liberationists, and so forth. The Left lost its soul when it lost the economic argument.

So complete has been the defeat of socialism

that anyone who now avowed a belief in the superior efficiency of state-run industry would be more a candidate for the lunatic asylum (supposing that any remained open) than for high political office.

All that the Left can nowadays propose is

social policy so destructive that it allegedly necessitates a vast state apparatus to repair the damage it does.

Of the domestic policy prescriptions of the Left,

multiculturalism is among the most destructive. It was once the honourable goal of the Left, at least in Britain, to spread higher culture to the working class, and to immigrants, so that every person capable by inclination and natural endowment of enjoying, participating in, or contributing to that higher culture would do so. More recently, however, the Left has devoted its energies to denying that there is any higher or lower, better or worse in cultural matters. Not coincidentally, this betrayal allows Leftist intellectuals to preen themselves on the broadness of their minds while they maintain their membership of a social élite. They rarely educate their own children as if their theoretical pronouncements were true.

With regard to the Vietnam War,

it was one thing to oppose it because you thought it was futile and ethically worse than not fighting it (not necessarily true, but at least an honest opinion); quite another because you thought that Uncle Ho was a good man who was leading his people to freedom and prosperity, something that you could believe only by employing all the human mind’s capacity for special pleading and self-deception.

The Hellenic People’s Republic, hope of a new world

Marxist miracle worker

Marxist miracle worker

This glorious European spring

Leftists descended on Athens as student revolutionaries once descended on Havana

After, writes Dalrymple,

we were all Charlie for a day, we all became Greek for a night. Out came all the hopeful young people with shiny joyful faces, lighting candles in the dark and punching the air.

It was spring in Europe, like the Arab spring,

though perhaps the moment was not indisputably auspicious to make the analogy: on the day Greeks were voting for their spring, the Egyptian police were shooting dead 17 people who were commemorating the fourth anniversary of theirs. In Greece, it may yet come to that.

Grand socialist dream

The leftists

dreamed — there was much talk of dreams, which is always a bad sign — of a world in which there were no economic realities, nothing had to be paid for, and prosperity could be decreed, though with satisfying vengeance on the rich and prosperous.

Alexis Tsipras, the prime minister, made

the monument to the memory of the Greek resistance to the Nazis his first port of call, just to remind his people how awful the German chancellor, and the German chancellor’s countrymen, still are.

Prosperity by decree

He then promised to decree Greeks back to prosperity. He

  • pledged many thousands of them free electricity, not noticing that he thereby turned electricity bills for the rest of the population into a form of income tax as well as a payment for services received
  • promised to create jobs, both in the private and public sector, more or less by command, jobs that would have a minimum salary paid in a currency whose emission he could not control and which Greece cannot possibly earn in sufficient quantities to pay for the fulfilment of these promises

How the socialist miracle was to be achieved,

no one knew: but, as all left-leaning commentators agreed, it is permitted to hope and to dream.

Gaucherie, or lack of it

As far as can be discerned from what he has written, Dalrymple does not appear to have taken a left turn, even as a teenager. He may have been helped in this by having a communist father. Rebellion is part of youth.

So far as can be discerned from what he has written, Dalrymple does not appear ever to have taken a Left turn, even in the callowness, gullibility and conformism of youth (by which I mean youth in general). Having a communist father against whom to rebel may have helped, but it is unusual, nay, preternatural, to have seen through the murderous rot and humbug of Marxism so early in life, at a time when, despite the by then well documented genocidal horrors of Stalin’s Russia, Leninism or its Trotskyist variant remained deeply fashionable, even de rigeur. Dalrymple was 18-and-a-half in May 1968



The repellent American Left

Alleged ignorance of the reality of Russian communism in no way excuses the US Left, writes Dalrymple, since

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 17.05.02

Alger Hiss: their lion

the horrors were known and documented from the very first. For decades the Left preferred to ignore the facts than abandon its fantasies. There was hardly any revolutionary violence to which the American Left did not provide aid and comfort, repeating its original sin ad nauseam. It rewrote its own history as assiduously and dishonestly as Stalin wrote his.

As for the so-called New Left,

the internal logic of its socialist beliefs led it to support or make excuses for totalitarian regimes such as Castro’s, just as the previous generation of orthodox communists had done. It also indulged in what would have been comic-operetta revolutionism had it not been for the extreme criminal nastiness of the acts which it excused, condoned, concealed or perpetrated.

Murderousness of Leftist intellectuals

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 18.27.37Latin America guerrilla movements, writes Dalrymple,

far from being the spontaneous and justified expression of a downtrodden peasantry, as was the received wisdom among Western intellectuals, were the products of rapidly expanding numbers of university students led by Leftist intellectuals.

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 18.30.21For instance,

the Guatemalan guerrilla group, ORPA, was led by the son of the Guatemalan Nobel prize winner, the novelist Miguel Ángel Asturias. The worst of them, Peru’s Sendero Luminoso, was led by a professor of philosophy, Abimael Guzmán, who very nearly became Peru’s Pol Pot.