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Books v. gumshoes

Dalrymple explains that if there is one thing he has learnt in life, it is never to go anywhere without a book to read.

But one time, when he found himself stuck at an hotel in Los Angeles, he discovered that for some reason he had brought no book with him. So he started reading the telephone directory, the yellow pages. First he looked up bookshops, and there were just a very few entries, taking up less than a quarter of a page; then he looked up private detectives, and there were at least 50 pages of them.

Decay of the USA

A statue of Christopher Columbus in the centre of Los Angeles has been covered up, and a fence put around it. Columbus Day has been suppressed and the authorities of the city — which is bankrupt and has the largest population of homeless people and the worst traffic in the USA, and a frighteningly high rate of murder, rape, gang violence and other serious crime — focuses all its energies on recognition and celebration of ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day’. Dalrymple comments (from 01:14):

It’s rather odd. Here we have criticism of someone who lived 500 years ago.

He notes that it is one of a number of putrid present-day cheap

moral enthusiasms.

There is

a kind of retrospective condemnation of people — without any examination of our current conduct. It’s all part of a syndrome in which to be good is to have the right opinions, it isn’t necessarily to behave well.