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The biggest slaughterhouse

Dalrymple points out that the largest abattoir is in Denmark (Danish Crown’s superb facility at Horsens in east Jutland). The plant has, he writes,

become almost a tourist attraction, so clinically and reassuringly anæsthetic are its procedures.

Workers, he notes, become attached to their place of work, for it provides them not just with their livelihood but a social life:

Few are they who rejoice in their redundancy.

Olivia Mokiejewski, author of Abattoir People, which Dalrymple reviews, admits this, which, he says,

increases my esteem for her.

The charm of cheap hotels

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 08.00.16The place to be

Between a meat warehouse and a furniture depository

Dalrymple writes that he much prefers

a standardised hotel (the same from China to Peru), with mass-produced pictures of puppies or poppies and showers the size, and often the shape, of a coffin.

He is attracted by the

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 08.08.11anonymity, the fact that there is no social rôle to play, that one is left entirely alone, that there are no demands on one, that — provided one turns one’s telephone off — one is cut off from the world.

Some time ago, mistaking the date of his flight by two days, Dalrymple

had to stay in such a hotel for three nights, and I have rarely enjoyed a stay anywhere so much.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 08.11.10More recently, he stayed at a cheap hotel near Marseilles airport.

It was situated in between a furniture depository and a frozen meat warehouse. From my balcony, I could observe the traffic passing on a flyover, and listen to its roar. The air outside was polluted, a grey-purple haze hung in the sky over the earth as far as the eye could see, it smelled awful, and no pedestrian ventured along any of the roads leading to the warehouses and distribution centres of the area. How ugly our modern civilisation is, the price to pay (I suppose) for its abundance. And yet I love staying in such hotels in such areas.