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The character of Mohammed

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 08.53.23Dalrymple writes that even as portrayed in Muslim apologetics, the character of Mohammed

is at the very least questionable when viewed from any other standpoint than that of an a priori belief in his moral perfection, and there should be no limitation of discussion of it.

Dalrymple points out that Mohammed (the representation at right is from the north wall frieze of the Supreme Court chamber, Washington, D.C.),

connived at armed robbery, mass murder and the abduction of women.

Of course, Mohammed was

behaving in a way that one would expect of his time and place, and it may be that, on the whole, he sometimes behaved better than his peers. But that is not the point: it is nothing short of a moral, intellectual and indeed political disaster if his conduct is taken as a model for all time.