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Creative appeasement of the militant Moslems

Birmingham Library has set aside Moslem-women-only tables

Ecumenism is a one-way street

Authorities make concessions, writes Dalrymple,

even before, one suspects, there have been any demands for them.

Thus, a public library in Birmingham

has installed women-only tables, a euphemism for Moslem-women-only. Whether there was ever a request or demand for sex-segregated seating from Moslems is probably undiscoverable; truth seldom emerges from a public authority. But the justification would almost certainly be that without such tables, Moslem women would not be able to use the library at all.

Birmingham Airport provides wudu rooms. No religion other than Mohammedanism is catered for in this fashion

The Birmingham airport

has set aside a room for wudu. No other religion is catered for in this fashion (nor should they be, in my opinion), so the impression is inevitably given that Islam is in some way favoured or privileged. Again, it would be difficult to find out whether they received requests or demands for such a room or merely anticipated them; in either case, weakness is advertised.

Many European airports

set aside a room for ‘meditation’. The icon used to indicate it almost always carries more of an Islamic connotation than any other. A friend told me that when she went into one such room, she was told by a Moslem to remove her shoes, ecumenism being, of course, a one-way street.

Airport meditation chamber: the icon used to indicate it carries an Islamic connotation

Meditation in the open air