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World’s most exclusive airline

The most conspicuous of Nauru’s investments, writes Dalrymple,

is undoubtedly its airline, Air Nauru. A nation of 4,000 people has a fleet of five passenger jets, which operate at a loss generally thought to be staggering (the airline does not publish accounts) on routes unlikely ever to be profitable. Planes are sent 5,000 miles with two passengers. They have also been used as private taxis for the president, leaving would-be passengers stranded for days.

The Nauru Regional Processing Centre

A wonderfully Orwellian name, says Dalrymple, for a holding camp for would-be refugees to Australia

A wonderfully Orwellian name, says Dalrymple, for a holding camp for would-be refugees to Australia

Subsidies spell poverty



If Hugo Chávez had studied the history of Nauru, writes Dalrymple,

he might have learned something and not led his country to its present plight, though in fact he was probably ineducable, since reality was his greatest political opponent.

Raising standards of living by means of subsidy

ends in tears, not to mention poverty, especially if those subsidies are extensive.

Sweetened drinks are an æsthetic abomination

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 07.44.34Their consumption, writes Dalrymple, is

consequent upon a mass outbreak of childishness. I want people to suffer ill-effects from their bad taste.

Micronesian pioneers of the diabetogenic diet

Dalrymple pays a visit to Nauru, where half the population has type 2 diabetes. Thanks to phosphate rock,

from a life of subsistence on fish and coconuts they went straight to being millionaires. They abandoned their traditional diet and started to eat, on average, 7,000 calories per day. They liked sweet drinks and consumed Fanta by the case-load. For those who liked alcohol as well there was Château d’Yquem. They were unique in the world in being both rich and having a short life expectancy.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 07.55.12Type 2 diabetes is

a threat to public health that dwarfs Ebola virus in scale, but kills slowly and undramatically, rather by stealth than by coups de théâtre. No one ever walked around in spacesuits because there was a type 2 diabetic on the ward.

British culinary barbarism

Food desertification and the supposed cheapness of industrially prepared foods is a consequence, not a cause, of [poor] food habits.

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