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An award in search of its justification

Dalrymple notes that the award of the Nobel to Bob Dylan 'belongs more to the history of cultural pathology than to that of literature'.

Dalrymple notes that the award of the Nobel to Bob Dylan ‘belongs more to the history of cultural pathology than to that of literature’.

Bob Dylan’s drivel

screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-23-42-55Dalrymple notes that the nasal whine of Bob Dylan, the popular singer, is

the sound of spoilt middle-class-adolescent self-pity.

His supposed poetry is

not merely bad, but authentically awful.

The lines he excretes are

sub–Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

Enduring some of Bob Dylan’s atrocious doggerel, Dalrymple is reminded of what Dr Johnson said when asked whether he thought that many men could have written the poems of Ossian. ‘Yes, sir,’ he said, ‘many men, many women, and many children.

Perhaps next year, says Dalrymple,

the Nobel prize in literature could be awarded to Hallmark Cards.

Monstrosity of the sexist bull-demon Sir Tim Hunt

Sir Timothy Hunt, FRS FMedSci

Sir Timothy Hunt, FRS FMedSci

It is not enough, writes Dalrymple, that Professor Sir Timothy Hunt should have been forced to resign from

that great centre of disinterested enquiry,

University College, London, for having

drawn attention to the fact that women tend to cry more than men.

Much more should be done to make an example of this monster after the enormity he has perpetrated. For a start, Dalrymple believes, all Hunt’s papers

should be expunged from the scientific record as if he had never existed.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 08.20.06He should also at the very least, says Dalrymple, be

  • expelled from the Royal Society
  • dispossessed of his knighthood
  • deprived of his British citizenship
  • disfranchised
  • stripped of the Nobel prize

Only by these means, says Dalrymple, and by certain more severe penalties (one looks for inspiration to China’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, when they knew what to do with this kind of professors),

can the terrible damage he did when speaking to the press in Korea be repaired.

Struggle sessions with leading feminists, and wholesale re-education, are necessary.

Permanent temptation of ageing doctors

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 08.36.06Dalrymple on the dangers of therapeutic nihilism. He suggests that

perhaps there ought to be a Nobel Prize for failure, that is to say for the brightest idea that failed.