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No China, no North Korea…

The fate of Mussolini

…and no North Korea, Kim Jong-un hanged from the nearest lamp-post.

Certainly, says Dalrymple, there will be no more men

standing behind Kim and taking down his precious words in their notebooks. (On hospital visits, not a word of that wisdom must be lost for posterity; when Kim speaks, the Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine are redundant.)

There will be no more men

taking notes of the pearls of medical wisdom and advice that fall from Kim’s lips.

There will be no more notebooks at the ready,

taking down Kim’s immortal vapourings.

There wil be no more

guidance for orthopædic surgeons on how to treat the injured.

There will be no more of this on the great day of the fall of the North Korean tyranny.

Pearls of medical wisdom and advice fall from the lips of the Supreme Leader (and behind him, in the display cabinet, adequate supplies of liquor — the reward of eloquence)