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When Moslems go out of their tiny little minds

Even those, writes Dalrymple,

who are not psychiatrically disturbed may have an outlook on life of a distinctly paranoid flavour. When Moslem believers go mad, their madness often has a religio-paranoid content.

!!! stop! the illegal!! film project campaign!!

Edward Hopper, Morning Sun (1952). Columbus Museum of Art

Edward Hopper, Morning Sun (1952). Columbus Museum of Art

is there and all not what appears do you know what you have been participating intoxicating mix TV stardom fantasy intrigue competitions offers financial incentives commercial benefits re-scheduling reorganising overtaking of everyones lives for purposes of the film set and cause of supposed secret charity business encouraged people to relinquish autonomy disarmed and suspended their own judgment intellect reason are you thinking for yourself are you being told what to do do you receive other information about what is going on other than from the Machine itself is it accurate information is it a marketing game are you being manipulated by incentives to take part in something that is for your benefit or is it really more for the benefit of the owners of a huge business machine that you are funding for the