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Parliament of petty profiteers

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 12.25.36Again and again, writes Dalrymple, Britain’s political class

is revealed as ­fin­ancially ­unscrupulous and grasping, not missing the slightest opportunity to enrich itself at public expense, leading the electorate to the conclusion it is out exclusively for ­itself and cares not at all for the good of the country.

The danger is that

cynicism about the political system will­ result either in complete apathy and retreat into private life or support for some kind of authoritarianism.

The British parliament again and again

protects the financial interests of its members, acts as judge and jury of its own probity and administers slaps over the wrist for sharp practices, morally dubious or discreditable even where not outright illegal.

How a faux-conservative apparat­chik speaks

The courage to address problems

The courage to address problems

Michael Gove, a British politician of the ‘Conservative’ party, pretends suddenly to have grasped what is plain to ordinary decent right-thinking people, namely, writes Dalrymple,

that the public anger directed at [a corrupt colleague of Gove’s] was a problem for the whole political class, which (together with its parasitic nomenklatura subclass), seems ever more dissociated from the rest of the population.

Gove recently made the following statement:

This is a judgment on the political class overall and Westminster overall. It is a warning to us to take these issues ­incredibly seriously and to recognise that there is a question of public trust in the political process and the capacity of politicians to police themselves which requires to be addressed.

Dalrymple’s comment:

Spoken like a true apparat­chik, always addressing problems but never solving them.