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The sties-pigs dialectic


National Museum of Western Art. Ueno Park manages to retain much of its considerable charm despite Le Corbusier’s 1959 abomination. Do sties make pigs, or do pigs make sties? It is, writes Dalrymple, ‘a profound question, perhaps the profoundest that can be asked. After all, you can lead a mugger to a victim, but you can’t make him rob’.


Evil tenants

G.J. Pinwell, Landlord and Tenant, 1871

G.J. Pinwell, Landlord and Tenant, 1871

Recently one of the tenants of Dalrymple’s next-door neighbour

did a bunk, owing him £3,000 in rent.

A quick investigation

established that she had done this all her life: she had cheated and swindled landlords for decades. She had many court judgments against her; not one had been executed. Obtaining such a judgment only added to the losses incurred by her successive landlords.

Tenants have a tendency to

turn their rented properties into sties, make unreasonable demands, withhold payment and regard any ill-conduct towards their landlord as justified ipso facto.


have little redress against the ruthless or dishonest.