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Prophylaxis against our own thoughts

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 08.15.00Dalrymple points out that in many public places, electronic entertainment of a deeply unpleasant kind is compulsory, including

The assumption by the management of these places, he writes, is that rather than being left to our devices, we must have the gap in our minds filled with

  • the weather forecast
  • share prices
  • football results
  • sex scandals
  • scenes of war
  • episodes of soap opera
  • cookery programmes

The stimulation

acts on the mind as a food mixer acts on vegetables.

Prophylaxis through lynching

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 07.56.22One of Robert Mugabe’s first acts on attaining power, writes Dalrymple,

was to order the prophylactic suppression, supposedly in the name of freedom, of Matabeleland, a potential source of opposition.

This was

far, far worse, in point of brutality, than anything done by the regime that Mugabe’s replaced.

Dalrymple has a patient

whose husband was tied to a stake, soaked with petrol, and burned alive in front of her by Mugabe’s ‘activists’, his crime having been to vote for the opposition.

The need for antiCameron prophylaxis

Protect yourself from this shyster politician!

Protect yourselves from political syphilis!

David Cameron, arguably the worst British prime minister since Edward Heath, cannot, says Dalrymple,

see a bad idea without embracing it with what he imagines is vote-getting fervour.

Cameron’s latest brainwave is to endorse a scheme

to teach entrepreneurialism and business-mindedness to schoolchildren from the age of five.

Dalrymple does not know whether to laugh or cry.

Ours will be the first society in which eight-year-old children will find out, in formal lessons, how to put on a condom and how important it is to make a profit, but not how to read.

Cameron is indeed a political chancre. Right-thinking people have long known this. But what is entrepreneurialism, when you come to think about it? Dalrymple offers this view:

Entrepreneurialism—much of it good, some of it very bad—is what happens when nothing prevents it from happening. Unfortunately the philosophy of most modern governments, including Mr Cameron’s, is dedicated to preventing it from happening.