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England lost. What a relief

Dalrymple writes that he was

much relieved when Eng­land lost in the World Cup. They can usually be relied upon to lose, of course, so it was no great surprise. And as Shakespeare would have put it had they won, hark what discord follows!

A people

already given to riotous public drunkenness would have been uncontrollable — and would have taken pride in their debauchery. In Eng­land, people don’t just get drunk: they get drunk with pride.

Thank God!

A filthy, degraded country

England, Dalrymple points out to an interviewer, is a corrupt country. Not in the way that, for instance, Italy is corrupt, but morally and intellectually corrupt, which is worse.

  • The educational system has been ruined
  • There are large social problems (of which public drunkenness is an example)
  • The country is the dirtiest in Europe — Britishers routinely fling rubbish out of car windows to pollute the beautiful countryside, for instance

There has been a cultural revolution in the country, making it quite the opposite of what it once was.