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Instant access to the 72 houris in heaven

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 09.31.28Inside the minds of guilty debauched lapsed Moslems

Writing of the intellectual nullity of the ideas behind Moslem terror attacks, Dalrymple observes that

it is as if a whole society is being held to ransom by its worst and most stupid members. This is in contrast to the intelligence that is expended on trying to understand the stupid. The stupid are the stoat and the intelligent are the rabbit.

He notes that a number of the Moslem terrorists

indulge in somewhat crude debauchery before suddenly turning puritanically pious and killing others in the certainty that they themselves will be killed.

According to the historian of philosophy Rémi Brague, the depraved Moslems

still have some attachment to Islam in their debauched phase, rather as a lapsed Catholic. They feel subliminally that what they are doing is wrong from the Islamic standpoint, and some of them are suddenly overwhelmed by guilt.

But a slow process of repentance is not for them.

It would involve a life without the pleasures that are so important to them. By killing others and being killed in the process, they are getting their repentance over in one fell swoop. They will not have to face a long life of self-denial, but accede at once to the heavenly virgins. Heaven is debauchery without the guilt.


The doctrine of the Real Him

Lavrentiy Beria

Lavrentiy Beria

This is a watered-down secular version of Christian redemption, writes Dalrymple,

with Man in the place of God. Inside every person there is a core of goodness that is more real, more fundamental, than any evil act he might have committed, and which it is the purpose of punishment to bring to the surface. Punishment is therapeutic, redemptive, in purpose and intention.

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that whole-life sentences to prison are against Man’s fundamental rights

because they eliminate the possibility of repentance and redemption (known in the trade as rehabilitation). The judges of a court that is supreme in matters relating to supposed human rights for a continent on which, within living memory, tens of millions of people have been systematically starved or abused to death or put to death industrially on an unimaginably vast scale, could conceive of no crime so terrible that the person who committed it was beyond earthly redemption.

Heinrich Himmler

Heinrich Himmler

On this basis people like Beria or Himmler

would have been eligible for parole, provided only that they showed themselves reformed characters.

A serial killer once upbraided Dalrymple

for suggesting that he – who had kidnapped at least five children, sexually abused and tortured them to death, then buried them in a remote place in the moors – should never be released from prison, on the grounds that he spent much of his time making Braille books. He had redeemed himself, and cancelled out the torture and murder of five children, by subsequent good works, expressing the Real Him; he had paid his debt to society, as if good and evil were entries in a system of double-entry bookkeeping, so that if one did enough good works in advance, one would have earned the right to torture and murder five children.


can change; this is their glory and their burden, for it is the capacity to change that renders them responsible for their actions; but what they do may be irreparable.

The gagged Hitchens

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 08.18.54A strange disappearance, behind which there is something probably disreputable

Britain’s Mail on Sunday newspaper has silenced its best columnist, Peter Hitchens. His columns have been spiked. The skewering was timed to coincide with the British general election.

The spike: destination of Hitchens’s last two columnsIt is speculated that the newspaper, recognising the commercial imperative of identification with the winning side, has gagged Hitchens so as to ensure that readers do not follow his (wise) advice, which has long been that right-thinking, decent people ought to desist from voting for the corrupt Tories.

In the republic of the Rothermeres, Hitchens has become an unperson.

According to the magazine Private Eye, Hitchens is ‘now talking to his lawyers’.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 08.22.35

In the run-up to the election and after, suddenly absent. Why?


This is a disgrace because Hitchens is a writer and broadcaster of a high order. He is also personally admirable for having the guts to admit that his youthful communist leanings were dangerous, murderous folly.

Dalrymple writes that Hitchens has

undergone a real and painful repentance for all that he formerly was and did.


has discovered that it is he, and not just the world, that was and is imperfect and that therefore humility is a virtue, even if one does not always live up to it.

The first sentence of Hitchens’ 2010 book The Rage Against God reads,

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 08.25.36I set fire to my Bible on the playing fields of my Cambridge boarding school one bright, windy spring afternoon in 1967.

One senses, writes Dalrymple,

the deep — and, in my view, healthy — feeling of self-disgust with which he wrote this, for indeed it describes an act of wickedness.

Hitchens does not believe, says Dalrymple,

that man can live by his own individual reason alone.

He believes that

something else is necessary and inevitable.

From the magazine Private Eye

From the magazine Private Eye