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Reticence and delicacy of the Guardian

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 08.21.17Dalrymple reads a report in the London Guardian newspaper of the 2016 Russell Square knife attack. There was, he writes,

no mention in the article of the origin of the perpetrator, a Somali. Even the next day, the article devoted to the subject mentioned it only sotto voce, halfway through the article, which until then was mostly about how excellent a woman the victim had been.

Dalrymple says it

could hardly be because the Guardian imagined that its readers would go out and lynch Somalis wherever they found them. Rather, it was a manifestation of what Freudians call reaction-formation, that is to say a response to its own deep-seated, and therefore much feared, racism, another manifestation of which is its obsession with race politics.