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One obvious thing to do about Mohammedan terrorism

Strangle the foreign funding of so much Islamist activity in Britain!

But Dalrymple points out that

no British government, solicitous of trade relations, has dared even try. The British economy is precarious, and it is difficult to be strong when your economy is weak.

It makes you nostalgic for Marxism

Perhaps in earlier times, writes Dalrymple, Salman Abedi

would have found a Marxist groupuscule providing the total explanation of all the ills of the world that troubled youth so often seek, and suggesting to them the total solution. But the downfall of the Soviet Union destroyed the prestige of Marxism, so Abedi sought his total explanation and solution elsewhere. The obvious place was Islam, for he was of Muslim descent and heritage and there were no other contenders for possession of his soul, both little and grandiose.

Of interest to psychopathologists

Happier days

Dalrymple comments:

I never thought I would lament the demise of Marxism, but I have recently begun to remember it rather more fondly. By comparison with Islamism, it was intellectually compelling; Marxists could have interesting things to say, however mistaken they were, which Islamists never can and never will be able to do. At most, they are interesting to psychopathologists.

The ideology of the caliphate, he notes,

is so absurd and intellectually vacuous that to try to refute it is to do it more honour than it deserves or is capable of supporting.

But, he says, history proves that

absurdity is no obstacle to acceptance, even (or perhaps I should say especially) by the intelligent and educated.

Cherchez les Saoudiens

Moreover, Islamism in Europe, Dalrymple points out,

can count on the financial support of, or sustenance by, the Saudi, or Wahhabi, state, which has spent untold millions in spreading its version of rigourism, on creating the atmosphere in which it flourishes and without which it would not survive.

Delicacy of the Donald

Trump’s Arabian circumlocution

What the US president expressed to the Saudis, Dalrymple tells an interviewer (‘The Manchester suicide bombing and the minds of terrorists’, from 10:50), was

euphemistic, to say the least. And to be saying it in Saudi Arabia, which is much more closely concerned with terrorism in Western Europe than Iran has been, is slightly alarming.

Dalrymple is not persuaded that the Riyadh government can be regarded as separate and distinct from the Wahhabi fanatics.

The Alake’s visit to England

Ladapo Samuel Ademola II, the Alake of Egbaland, in Trowbridge in 1937 on a visit to the Bath and West Show

Oba Ladapo Samuel Ademola II, the Alake of Egbaland, in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, in 1937 on a visit to the Royal Bath & West Show

Dalrymple says he wouldn’t have bought a certain book he came across recently, Custom is King: Essays Presented to R.R. Marett on his Seventieth Birthday, June 13, 1936, had the volume not been Marett’s personal copy.


a highly distinguished man fully aware of his own distinction, confident of his position and importance in the world,

was, writes Dalrymple,

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 18.14.56

The Obamas in Riyadh, 2015

immensely gifted, and vastly erudite.

Today Marett is


Inserted in the Festschrift, Dalrymple discovers, is a loose photograph of Marett

showing the Alake of Egbaland around Oxford, the Alake, a cheerful and splendid figure in magnificent robes, his wife behind him, the Queen, looking as glum as Mrs Obama in Saudi Arabia.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 17.38.31Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 18.14.27

R.R. Marett: no lack of confidence

R.R. Marett: no lack of confidence


The Alake in London for the coronation of  George VI, May 1937

The Alake in London for the coronation of George VI

Saudi Arabia’s double game

‘The real source of dangerous Islamism in most of the West.’

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