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Good schoolteachers are above the price of rubies

There is, writes Dalrymple,

moral grandeur in what they do, for even if they may sometimes be colossi in the eyes of their better pupils, in the eyes of the world they are relatively humble.

They are

the springboard from which their pupils may overleap them, and it takes a special kind of goodness, genuine humility, to take pleasure in being overleapt by those who shortly before were in your charge.

Class with sleeping schoolmaster. Jan Steen, 1672

Deary catalog of modern pieties


Dalrymple asks: ‘Celebrating’ uniqueness: how is it to be done? By getting the little geniuses to chant ‘I am unique, you are unique, we are all unique, everyone is unique!’ while holding hands and dancing round a tree as the teacher beats the rhythm on a tambourine?

Acute diplomatosis

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 07.58.03Prognosis: more riots

Dalrymple provides a brief overview of viral diploma-tosis, explaining that in the disease, there is the assumption that

since a modern economy requires educated people, the more educated people it can call upon—as measured by the average number of years in school—the more productive that economy will be. On this view, education is in itself the motor of growth, and the demand for educated labour will automatically keep up with, if not outstrip, the supply.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 08.01.11University of life

He points to the dangers of

educating young people for many years and denying them first the opportunity to earn a living that they believe is commensurate with their education, and then the opportunity to earn a living at all.