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Good schoolteachers are above the price of rubies

There is, writes Dalrymple,

moral grandeur in what they do, for even if they may sometimes be colossi in the eyes of their better pupils, in the eyes of the world they are relatively humble.

They are

the springboard from which their pupils may overleap them, and it takes a special kind of goodness, genuine humility, to take pleasure in being overleapt by those who shortly before were in your charge.

Class with sleeping schoolmaster. Jan Steen, 1672

Deary catalog of modern pieties


Dalrymple asks: ‘Celebrating’ uniqueness: how is it to be done? By getting the little geniuses to chant ‘I am unique, you are unique, we are all unique, everyone is unique!’ while holding hands and dancing round a tree as the teacher beats the rhythm on a tambourine?