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Sexual savagery ennobled

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 11.49.24Literature and common sense attest, writes Dalrymple, that sexual relations

have been fraught with difficulty down the ages because man is a conscious social being who bears a culture, and is not merely a biological being.

But intellectuals in the 20th century

sought to free sexual relations of all social, contractual, or moral obligations and meaning whatsoever, so that only raw sexual desire would count in decision-making.

Of course, the intellectuals

were about as sincere as Marie Antoinette when she played shepherdess. While their own sexual mores became more relaxed and liberal, they continued to recognise inescapable obligations with regard to children, for example. Whatever they said, they didn’t want a complete breakdown of family relations any more than Marie Antoinette really wanted to earn her living by looking after sheep.

But their ideas were adopted literally and wholesale

in the lowest and most vulnerable social class. If anyone wants to see what sexual relations are like, freed of contractual and social obligations, let him look at the chaos of the personal lives of members of the underclass.

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Imbecile militants of libertinism

Havelock Ellis

Havelock Ellis

Dalrymple writes that the shallow, twisted and dishonest sexual revolutionists’ ideas

about the relations between men and women—entailing ever greater sexual liberty, ever less mastery of the appetite—were so absurd and utopian that it is hard to understand how anyone could have taken them seriously. But mere absurdity has never prevented the triumph of bad ideas.

Their sensibilities

have permeated our society. The Dionysian has triumphed over the Apollonian. No grace, no reticence, no measure, no dignity, no secrecy, no depth, no limitation of desire is accepted.

There is, writes Dalrymple,

denial that sexual relations are a proper subject of moral reflection or that they need to be governed by moral restrictions. The result is soaring divorce rates and mass illegitimacy.

He points to the profound

change in moral sensibility, in the direction of a thorough coarsening of feeling, thought, and behaviour.