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Types of Muslim perversion: Gramscian and Stalinist

Islamisation of the young — fundamentalism sweeps them

One view, Dalrymple notes, is that the radicalisation of a small minority of the Muslim young of Brussels (the European city with the highest proportion of Muslims)

was brought about not from the influence of their immigrant parents, or by the religious institutions in their country of origin (mainly Morocco), but by the preaching of members of the Muslim Brotherhood on the one hand, and of Wahhabi or Salafist missionaries on the other.

Dalrymple explains the difference between the two strains.

  • Muslim Brotherhood: new-Left, or Gramscian, wing of Islamism. Claims (at least for public consumption) an ‘interpretive’ reading of the Koran. Even has a feminist wing
  • Wahhabists: old-Left, or Stalinist, flank of Islamism. Cleaves to literalism. Obligation for women to wear the veil incontestable

Soviet communism’s abyssal evil

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 09.02.27In the scale, writes Dalrymple,

even Nazism could not compete.

Everyone involved in the Great Terror

knew that the arrest, trial and sentence were based upon lies from beginning to end.

No revolution

was more avid for the flesh of its originators than the Russian.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 09.02.42


Message to the world’s remaining Marxists

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 19.31.35Dalrymple has this to say to those who continue to profess communism:

It takes considerable stupidity, lack of moral imagination, or an egotism more profound than that of the most voracious Wall Street banker to proclaim yourself a communist after all the human disaster that the doctrine wrought in the past century.

They called this totalitarian a liberator

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 22.57.49A cupboard packed with skeletons

Freud excelled in the arts of totalitarianism, says Dalrymple. The father of psychoanalysis

denigrated, excommunicated, falsified, minimised, concealed, lied, distorted history, embargoed, and resorted constantly to that ad hominem (which is something of course that I would never do), in a way of which Stalin might have been proud or at least not ashamed.

Dalrymple père

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 09.09.43Dalrymple tells an interviewer that his father

era um comunista embora também fosse um homem de negócios. Sempre foi claro que a preocupação de meu pai para com a humanidade não era sempre acompanhada por sua preocupação para com os homens, para dizer o mínimo, para quem (como indivíduos), ele muitas vezes expressava desprezo. Ele tinha dificuldade para entrar numa relação em igualdade com qualquer um, e preferia ser o Stalin do Molotov deles.