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Ubiquity of the drivelscreen

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 08.21.32Dalrymple describes a train journey into London from the airport during which it was impossible to escape the ‘compulsory television’.

I asked whether there was a quiet carriage, to be told that there was not, though an announcement…informed me that somewhere…was a carriage with reduced-volume television.

Thus exposed against his will to imbecilic televisual rubbish, he writes:

Forest fires, football, the weather forecast for Vietnam and Cambodia. You might as well have a food-mixer inserted in your brain. No doubt the producers of this…stream of pabulum believe that if we are informed whether it will be sunny in Madagascar tomorrow we somehow become sophisticated cosmopolitans, losing our…parochialism.

A new freedom is needed, he concludes.

Every person has the right to a drivel-free environment.