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New-look Little Mermaid (warning: satanic content)

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 20.02.51Dalrymple chuckles at the cartoon pictured right, which is from Le Canard enchaîné. He notes that the verb relouquer

brings to mind reluquer, which means to ogle — doubtless a play on words.

He also likes the ‘Mahomet overwhelmed by the fundamentalists’ cover of Charlie Hebdo (‘It’s hard sometimes, being loved by these cretins’).

From the outset of the Danish cartoons crisis, Dalrymple points out, the French

have vigorously defended the right of free expression, unlike the British and Americans, whose pretence that they ‘understand’ Muslim outrage has fooled no one and given the fanatics the (correct) impression of weakness and lack of conviction — and thus encouraged them.

Le Canard enchaîné and Charlie Hebdo have

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 19.44.37with Voltairean aplomb published a series of cartoons mocking the Islamists and their beliefs as they deserve, with a courage and frankness almost entirely missing from the British and American media. They have inflicted a humiliation on the Islamists, in the best possible way, by exposing their intellectual nullity to withering scorn.


no one can accuse the two papers of racism, xenophobia, or any of the other crimes of lèse-PC, since they criticise and mock everyone (who deserves it) without fear or favour.

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 20.40.44The French emerge

as far stauncher and more fearless and unapologetic defenders of freedom than the Americans or the British. They have stuck to an important principle without calculation of immediate interest or even short-term consequences.

The French

find the equivocations of the Anglo-Saxons strange, spineless, and reprehensible, and in this instance they are absolutely right.


Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 20.39.47

Gutsy Voltairean

Shown here being attacked by Mugabe's thugs, Tatchell has proved he has courage. He has also demonstrated the quality of tolerance — 'admirable and alas all too uncommon', as Dalrymple puts it.

Pictured here being attacked by Mugabe’s thugs, Peter Tatchell has many times proved his courage. He has also demonstrated tolerance, a quality ‘admirable and alas all too uncommon’, Dalrymple writes.

Vastgegroeid aan de telefoon

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 02.04.21Dalrymple on losing his mobile:

Laatst liet ik mijn mobiele telefoon op de trein liggen en was ik om even ingewikkelde als oninteressante redenen niet in staat om hem meteen te vervangen. Ik schrok ervan hoe overstuur dat mij maakte.

The secret of being a bore

…is to say everything, said Voltaire. ‘He might have added it is also one way never to overcome a horrible past.’

Dalrymple concludes:

The tragic outcome [of the Frances Andrade case] is not a reason for the further sentimentalisation of our law, by treating a certain class of victim, or alleged victim, differently from all others.