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The cultural poverty of the British lower classes

The working classes in England, Dalrymple points out, lead dismal lives.

  • Their food is filthy
  • Their housing is abominable
  • Their reading matter and entertainment are…well, uncerebral

On almost every measure of wellbeing and attainment, Dalrymple notes, the working classes score low.

  • They live less long than other classes
  • They are unhealthier, while they live
  • They are more susceptible to almost every kind of disease
  • They endure (or inflict upon themselves) more accidents, violence and mental illness
  • Their only symbol of hope is the football pools coupon

The eternally hypocritical English bourgeoisie

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 18.15.18The British lower classes are deeply unpleasing, having been thoroughly corrupted by welfarism. But the classes of Briton that excite the most disgust are the upper middle, to which Britain’s current, lamentable prime minister belongs.

It is not just the world-class snobbery and hypocrisy of the British upper-middle classes that repel. (The snobbery and hypocrisy persist, or are even heightened, despite the nation’s third-rate, piffling status. As snobs and hypocrites, Britons punch above their weight.)

Middle-class Britons are greatly more vulgar — and sillier — than before. They are the silly-billy bourgeoisie, and the idea of duty, responsibility, probity or self-restraint is alien to them, especially if they work in that abyss of imaginary money, the City of London. Dalrymple has, for example, often drawn attention to the grotesque, insensible vulgarity of one of their favourite magazines, the How To Spend It supplement of the Financial Times newspaper. They are, writes Dalrymple,

the underclass, but with more money.

The British middle classes are ‘not a pretty sight or a grateful sound’, for they

lack refinement in their tastes, except in matters of expensive technological appurtenances…Their manners, down to their gestures and very facial expressions, are crude, coarse and brutish.