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The intolerable young

Dalrymple writes that he feels

a cleavage between my generation and that of young adults today.

He does not understand, and does not like, their

  • tastes
  • ambitions
  • enjoyments
  • sorrows
  • opinions
  • humour

The youth of the West and its sense of history

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 08.56.46Dalrymple asks a young European when the Second World War was. The young man thinks for a time, then answers: ‘I dunno. Maybe a couple of hundred years ago.’

Dalrymple is favourably impressed. He says (from the 01:00 point in the video):

I thought that was a very good answer because it meant he understood that there was a century other than the one he was living in.

Bear in mind, Dalrymple adds, that

this is after 11 years of compulsory education.