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The nation’s future

A snapshot of the social and cultural life of a portion of the youth of Great Britain

Attempting to clear up his study, Dalrymple comes across a document

which I must once have studied carefully though it left no trace in my mind.

It was

the dossier on a case of assault and criminal damage in which I had been asked to prepare a medical report on the perpetrator (mostly I prepared reports on murderers).

The reply of the accused reads in part:

We were having a drink, drinking bottles of beer, having a laugh, having a mixture of Jack Daniel’s and coke, Southern Comfort and lemonade and basically having shots in every round and drinking bottles of beer and that, having a laugh pulling birds, having a dance and that, having a chat, and, er, I had an argument with my ex-girlfriend who was working behind the bar. She told me to fuck off and said something to me, so I spat at her. One of the I think it was the bar manager that come out and grip me up. We were having a little scuffle and he threw me out. I was outside having an argument with the bouncers, that’s when John got dragged out by the bouncers and threw up the fence and that, so we were there for about twenty minutes and that, arguing with the bouncers. I said to John, I ain’t having this man, she got me threw out for nothing I said, the silly bitch. I said, fucking started an argument on me, so I said I’m going to go and smash her car up. So, er, we walked off and, er, I went round the back of the bar, where all of the cars are parked. I seen her car, I walked back and said to the two lads who were waiting, I said here, I’ve found the car. I’m gonna get a brick so I can smash her window. So I went over the road, picked up a brick, walked back to her car, smashed the window. I threw it at another window, it didn’t smash, so I picked it up again, threw it, it smashed the driver’s side window. I said to them two lads, carry on…

Dalrymple comments:

It was all the girl’s fault, of course. If she hadn’t offended him in the bar, he wouldn’t have behaved like this. This, more or less, is the argument offered by the defenders, or at least extenuators, of Muslim terrorists who attack those who offend them, and also by those who believe that taking offence at something someone has said justifies aggressive or violent reaction. Some people delight to take offence. It gives them licence (they think) to behave badly, which is what they always wanted to do anyway.

A not altogether despicable garment

The point Dalrymple is making can be readily appreciated after a visit to any town centre in England after nightfall on weekends

No one, writes Dalrymple,

who has been to the centre of Newcastle on a Saturday night can fail to appreciate certain advantages to the burqa.

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White-puddingy thighs exposed to the freezing winds of two or three in the morning

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Alcohol-induced amnesia: evidence that one must have had a good time

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Vomiting consequent upon severe inebriation is viewed by young Britons as psychotherapeutically beneficial

Vomiting consequent upon severe inebriation viewed as psychotherapeutically beneficial

British youth culture: vomiting is self-expression

British youth culture: vomiting as self-expression