British intellectuals loathe Britain

Self-hatred is neither attractive nor constructive. It is not only insincere but unjustified

The British, Dalrymple writes,

are fortunate enough to be the inheritors of a tradition as great as (though not necessarily greater than) any. Why reject it?

He writes from India, where he says

it is far easier to find genuine and knowledgeable admirers of British culture than it is among Britain’s own political class. This is the saddest commentary on the condition of England.

In Great Britain, says Dalrymple, you find

officially-sponsored indifference or hostility to anything which might be considered part of the European and British cultural and religious heritage.

This is combined with

a tender regard for any non-European and non-British cultural heritage.

For example,

no British minister would go to Brick Lane in East London and say it was horribly Bangladeshi; but a British minister had no compunction in complaining of an institution that it was horribly white.

English intellectuals, Dalrymple points out,

have long harboured a hatred of their country and its culture. The attitude has deeply infiltrated the political class, and has come to affect legislation.

Moral exhibitionism

But it is

insincere. Those who adopt it are not admirers of other cultures, for to admire other cultures it is necessary to study them. To know another culture is not a matter of slipping down once in a while to a restaurant that serves its cuisine: it is very hard work indeed, and the more different that culture is from one’s own, the harder the work it is.

When members of Britain’s political class express their adherence to multiculturalism,

they are not expressing their love of other cultures, they are expressing hatred of their own. It is this which explains the discrepancy in the way a Christian who derides Islam can expect to be treated by comparison with a Muslim who derides Christianity.

The hatred of that section of the political class for their country’s culture, traditions and past is insincere in another sense, Dalrymple notes.

By expressing that hatred, they imagine themselves to be exhibiting their moral superiority for all the world — and especially the intelligentsia — to see.

Rubbing their noses in diversity

Another factor in the political class’s hatred of their culture is that it is politically advantageous. Mass immigration,

with the concomitant ideological glorification of the multicultural society, has had as its purpose the production of a permanent change in the nature of the British population, which can be relied upon to vote for ever for the kind of politicians who brought it about. It is one thing to encourage immigration because your commerce is so strong that there is a labour shortage; quite another when neither of those conditions obtains. Britain’s commerce was never strong and there never was a labour shortage. The country imported people while there was still mass unemployment (disguised as sickness) to create a vote bank for those who brought this about.

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  • Anonymous  On December 26, 2017 at 22:02

    A lot people sick death of the political class , ably supported by their friends in media especially BBC
    Britain’s cultural make up has changed beyond all recognition since WW2 , yet the people were never asked about this _slowly but surely we have now arrived at a point where there are obvious downfalls to continued mass immigration , yet even broaching subject brings accusations of Racism
    This word has now lost much meaning and often only seems apply to white people within political class and media.
    Despite unprecedented pressure from govt & political class , major institution s and at times despicable scare tactics , people voted brexit – certainly this was at least popular cry for change –
    Time people in power listened for a change

  • Kim Griffiths  On December 27, 2017 at 00:51

    A great insight into the western progressive’s dogma – deluded elitists,
    cowered “intellectuals” trying to come to terms with the crap they’ve eagerly swallowed in the quest for high ground.

  • David A. Smith  On December 27, 2017 at 04:10

    “There’s the idiot who praises with enthusiastic tone/ All centuries but this and every country but his own.” — W. S. Gilbert, The Mikado, “I’ve got a little list”

  • sam57l0  On December 27, 2017 at 04:15

    Quite like the American “intellectuals”, who ape their British and French models.

  • Griffin  On December 27, 2017 at 05:33

    This article could have written about American “intellectuals.” Why self-hatred is regarded as virtuous is beyond poor little plebian me.

  • Mark Robbins (@SenatorMark4)  On December 27, 2017 at 09:20

    I think that the problem is that there is no PROCESS in their government. Lots of policy ideas, but no follow through.

    What would it actually take for a British politician to put the First Amendment on the ballot? Second Amendment? Why do they not?

    When you look across the street at mobs of islamic believers hoisting the flags of Hamas, with signs threatening free speech and democracy, do you ever wonder what would happen if they ALL pulled out knives like the Rigby attackers?

    Shiver in your gun-free multicultural utopia. You’ve given it all away in a generation. ISIS said France would fall in less than six weeks. Do you even have a knife?

  • Anonymous  On December 30, 2017 at 22:23

    My Mum always said we were our worse enemy

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