‘The white race is the cancer of human history’

Dalrymple comes across an article by Susan Sontag in the American quarterly Partisan Review. It reads in part:

Neither do I dare deride the turn toward the East (or more generally, to the wisdom of the nonwhite world) on the part of a tiny group of young people — however uninformed and jejune the adherence usually is. (But then nothing could be more ignorant than Fiedler’s insinuation that Oriental modes of thought are ‘feminine’ and ‘passive,’ which is the reason the demasculinised kids are drawn to them.) Why shouldn’t they look for wisdom elsewhere? If America is the culmination of Western white civilisation, as everyone from the Left to the Right declares, then there must be something terribly wrong with Western white civilisation. This is a painful truth; few of us want to go that far. It’s easier, much easier, to accuse the kids, to reproach them for being ‘non-participants in the past’ and ‘drop-outs from history.’ But it isn’t real history Fiedler is referring to with such solicitude. It’s just our history, which he claims is identical with ‘the tradition of the human,’ the tradition of ‘reason’ itself. Of course, it’s hard to assess life on this planet from a genuinely world-historical perspective; the effort induces vertigo and seems like an invitation to suicide. But from a world-historical perspective, that local history that some young people are repudiating (with their fondness for dirty words, their peyote, their macrobiotic rice, their Dadaist art, etc.) looks a good deal less pleasing and less self-evidently worthy of perpetuation. The truth is that Mozart, Pascal, Boolean algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton, the emancipation of women, Kant, Marx, Balanchine ballets, et al., don’t redeem what this particular civilisation has wrought upon the world. The white race is the cancer of human history; it is the white race and it alone — its ideologies and inventions — which eradicates autonomous civilizations wherever it spreads, which has upset the ecological balance of the planet, which now threatens the very existence of life itself. What the Mongol hordes threaten is far less frightening than the damage that western ‘Faustian’ man, with his idealism, his magnificent art, his sense of intellectual adventure, his world-devouring energies for conquest, has already done, and further threatens to do.

Dalrymple comments:

The question with assertions of this nature is whether they can ever correspond to any genuine feeling, or are but the manifestation of a straining after feeling. To me they have the authentic ring of humbug, which is the besetting sin of our age (which is not to say that it has existed or been prevalent in no other).

Hazlitt (‘On cant and hypocrisy’, London Weekly Review, 1828) tells us that

sincerity has to do with the connexion between our words and thoughts, and not between our belief and actions. The last constantly belie the strongest convictions and resolutions in the best of men; it is only the base and dishonest who give themselves credit with their tongue, for sentiments and opinions which in their hearts they disown.

To this, says Dalrymple,

he might have added feeling, for expressed feelings can be as divorced from true feelings as cant can be from true belief. The complexity of the human mind is such that we can easily disguise the divorce from ourselves and deny that it exists, the denial leading us to act as if the false were true.

Dalrymple does not believe that Sontag

thought or felt of herself as a cancerous cell, for such a sincere thought or feeling is really possible only to someone with a mental state akin to Cotard’s syndrome, the rare delusion that one is already (and deservedly) dead or putrefying: and people with Cotard’s syndrome do not write essays, not even for the Partisan Review.

He adds:

The grandiose moral exhibitionism of which the Sontag quotation is so notable an example serves another function in our moral economy: to divert the locus of our moral concern from the pettiness of our daily existences to the largest general problems facing the world.

It renders alien to us, he says, the Blakean thought (Jerusalem, f. 55, ll. 48–53, 60–6):

And many conversèd on these things as they labour’d at the furrow,
Saying: ‘It is better to prevent misery than to release from misery;
It is better to prevent error than to forgive the criminal.
Labour well the Minute Particulars: attend to the Little Ones;
And those who are in misery cannot remain so long,
If we do but our duty: labour well the teeming Earth.…
He who would do good to another must do it in Minute Particulars.
General Good is the plea of the scoundrel, hypocrite, and flatterer;
For Art and Science cannot exist but in minutely organised Particulars,
And not in generalising Demonstrations of the Rational Power:
The Infinite alone resides in Definite and Determinate Identity.
Establishment of Truth depends on destruction of Falsehood continually,
On Circumcision, not on Virginity, O Reasoners of Albion!

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  • PermReader  On November 21, 2019 at 01:31

    In a real ideological clash of civilizations,Jews feel the immense pressure of the moving contenents of Islam and the West. It looks so inevitable for the weak and emotional Jews to separate themselves from the hated West+Israel, and at the second time join the international rebel masses(not white ones now). Being Jewish myself ,i see and wait for the same result of this unification.

  • DanielDarko131  On June 28, 2020 at 01:41

    I agree completely….t “white western civilization is the scourge of every living creature on the planet. I have chronic fatigue issues,and the only way I have been able to express this is in writing lyrics.

    Normalized Insanity

    Verse 1
    I’m a transistorized, transgenederized,
    transmogrified trans-human
    A corporatized, commercialized,
    industrial-strength consumer
    A goal setting, gym sweating,
    debt fretting freak
    A social climbing net-worker
    that’s always on heat
    I got my education, majoring
    in indoctrination
    Where they taught me to comply,
    to never question why
    And so I’m chasing an illusion,
    of success that’s a delusion
    That is sending me insane,
    exploding my brain

    Refrain 1
    The secret is to hide
    That you’re really dying inside
    And so I always wear a smile
    Coz,I’m living in denial

    Verse 2
    Its all about profits and making a deal
    Dressing for success and spinning a spiel
    You can be an individual as long as you conform’
    To accepted institutionalized social norms

    Refrain 2
    If you want to be part of the game
    You have to disconnect your brain
    Now remember you are not a man
    You’re not human no,
    You are just a brand


    Verse 3
    There’s no greater profanity
    Than treating your humanity
    As a mere commodity
    It’s depraved insanity
    A system of enslavement
    By machine men without hearts
    Of genocidal lunatics
    That’s tearing us apart

    Refrain 3
    Bombarded by a media blitz
    Of fear and dread
    And you’ve gotta buy this
    Now just relax and watch Netflix
    For your daily indoctrination fix

    Refrain 4
    You can’t think anymore
    That’s not what you’re programmed for
    Your programmed to obey
    Every single thing they say
    Go to war and grab that oil
    Poison the water and the soil
    Keep it up until there’s nothing left
    Until everything, everything is dead
    Make sure everything is dead
    That nothing can raise its head
    And friend’s and family
    Make sure they’re history

    White man’s burden
    (ode to Jordan Peterson)

    Verse 1
    White man’s burden
    Is a white man’s curse
    As white man always puts his duty first
    And so he went forth off to sea
    To fulfill manifest destiny

    With the blessing of the church
    To spread God’s word across the earth
    The New World he did civilize
    Drown in the blood of genocide

    Everywhere that white man went
    He spared no life as was his bent
    And he thanked the lord with cross in hand
    For the gift of stolen land

    Verse 2
    The godless heathen were sent to school
    To learn the virtue of Christian rules
    And of conformity that stripped them of their identity
    Obedient to white man’s authority
    Ready to join in society
    Another cog in the machine
    Make sure you keep your room clean

    Proud nations of consumer drones
    Who cannot function without their phones
    Who live their lives vicariously
    Through celebrity airheads on TV

    Refrain 1
    And doc says take this pill
    All you need to do is chill
    And study these 12 rules
    So you can be a useful tool
    And as we fix your faults
    You won’t even realize, it’s a cult

    Verse 3
    And so as our leaders rob us blind
    Engaged in endless genocide
    We don’t time have time for any of that
    We’re all lobsters ready to hatch

    In a state of perpetual war
    We don’t have enough guns, we need more
    And as our children continue to die
    Peterson’s got bigger fish to fry

    A sick culture he defends
    Right up until the very end
    A life of normalized insanity
    Where life’s a disposable commodity

    Refrain 2
    And as reality,
    Shreds myth fable and fantasy
    Only time will tell, only time will tell
    Who will survive white man’s hell?

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