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In the name of God, desist!

screen-shot-2017-02-12-at-16-27-44Anish Kapoor, writes Dalrymple, is

one of those many modern artists who would add considerably to the beauty of the world by desisting from their activities.

On the question of publicly-funded art, Dalrymple’s view is that

if we must have it, as seems to be inevitable, let us at least have as little and cheap as possible.


Exposed: the Saatchi trash-art warehouse blaze arsonist

Indicative of deep egotism and irredeemable trashiness of mind

Indicative of deep egotism and irredeemable trashiness of mind

Transgressive art and architecture critic and occasional performance artist Theodore Dalrymple unmasked as Saatchi trash-art warehouse blaze arsonist

Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1963–1995 (Tracey Emin R.A., 1995) has been lost in a warehouse fire along with a large number of other contemporary works owned by Charles Saatchi, the advertising tycoon. The fire, writes Dalrymple,

does not seem to have resulted in any national mourning in England. Indeed, there was speculation that a transgressive art critic, or even performance artist, might have sparked the fire.

Even those

who would normally recoil at the thought of burning a used pulp fiction paperback were not deeply upset.